This year, almost 65 countries came together to participate in over 250 Startup Weekends that took place between November 13th – 23rdas a part of the Global Startup Battle!

Let me write that out: Two hundred and fifty!

Local Organizers, Facilitators, and Community Leaders, came together for an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship. For some of them, it’s a first.

Startup Weekend DC represented a mix of over 70 developers, designers, product marketeers and non- technicos that came together this past weekend to kickoff Global Startup Battle Nov 13-15th. Held at the newest Cove location, the last SWDC of the year was one of the best Dev events the DC organizing team executed. GSB has always been a favorite amongst the community and is regarded as an opportunity for a team to get amazing exposure. The prizes are designed to help startups be successful; they provide mentors, services, and helpful resources to winners. Since GSB also coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s attention is on entrepreneurs and startup events, GSB is the biggest of those events, and this year was no different.


So who won the Startup weekend in DC?

Winner: Give it up for @NuMenu_DC!


NuMenu is a quick lean app for users to identify what’s nearby to meet their dietary needs.


The team intends on creating a smarter way to order. Today, over 100 million people have dietary restrictions, and the team intends on sending their data back to restaurants to customize their menus. The judges felt that the team had a very well defined audience.


First runner up – Followed by a close second, team #mymomentoaims to work with wedding companies for honeymoons and wedding guests.


Second runner up – #Reach196 will provide help to researchers in obtaining DNA samples from sub-Saharan Africa.


People’s Choice Winner: #Zipline, whose goal is to eliminate long checkout lines by replacing the checkout counters with smart phones. Scan, Checkout, and Go!


A special thank you to judges representing Village CapitalCoveOrateMe, and Vitamita as well as pitch coaches and mentors. Learn more about them here.

So What’s Next?

After the local Startup Weekend, teams will create a pitch video to compete against the other teams around the world. This way they can share it online to get votes and allow judges located around the world to view and score. We hope you help DC teams take on the world by voting for them starting Nov 27th! Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter (@sw_dc) to support DC teams in regionals as the #GSB2015 finals go global.

GSB Prizes

  • Startup Launch Package
  • Trip to Global Entrepreneurship Congress
  • Trip to Startup Weekend Office!
  • Custom Swag!

DC Organizing Team